We have running this program every summer for over 20 years. It is where kids can come and experience God’s love. Hundreds of community kids have come to know Jesus through this experience.


Our first home opened over 10 years ago. Our main focus with our childrens home is to get kids out of bad environments and give them opportunities. Living in this home allows them to go to school and get an education. We want to equip our children with skills so that they can go out in to the world and thrive ending the circle of poverty in their family. Some of  the first kids that have lived in our home are living successful and productive lives as adults.


We stared building houses in 2013. Our Goal is to provide a place of security for families. While doing this we can give hope to the families that we touch. 

We built a trade school in the community. It had its first class in 2017. Our goal with this project to provide skills to people in the community so they can be self supporting.