Are you a new Christian and interested in learning more about who God is? Are you following Jesus but could use a refresher? Are you serving at church and want to become better equipped?Are you interested in serving at church but feel you need some training? Are you wanting to grow in your walk with God?

Foundations is for you.

Foundations is about helping you grow in your faith in God and equipping you to serve him.

Foundations are interactive classes on different parts of the Christian life, the Bible and who God is, all designed to inform your understanding of God as well as transform your walk with him.

When and Where

Wednesday Nights (Starting May 29th)


Journeys Blend Cafe


Introduction to the Old Testament

Starting May 29th we will be offering a six week class on the Old Testament. The class will give an overview of the Old Testament looking at its major events and characters giving you an understanding of what happened and where they fit into the story the Old Testament as well as the major themes that run through the Old Testament and into the New Testament. Through this course you will come to understand the significance of these events, characters and themes and what they mean to us and our walk with God today.


May 29 — Old Testament Background and Genesis

June 5 — Exodus – Deuteronomy

June 12 — Joshua – 2 Samuel

June 19 — 1 Kings – Esther

June 26 — Major and Minor Prophets (Isaiah – Malachi)

July 3 — Poetry and Wisdom Literature (Job – Song of Songs)

Additional Resources

The Bible Project offers free videos on all the books of the Old Testament. Those wishing to supplement the lectures or do further study on Old Testament should watch those videos here.